52-week illustration challenge – week 10-12

Here are my latest illustrations for the 52-week Illustration Challenge for weeks 10, 11 and 12.

©Sarah Epstein - Playful Foxes

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Week 10: Animal.
I created these playful foxes by scanning my charcoal sketch and adding different textures in Photoshop to create a digital collage.

© Sarah Epstein - Mother

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Week 11: Mother.
This simple illustration came to mind for the theme of ‘Mother’, because if you are one, chances are you’ve received one of these lovingly created (and very flattering 😉 ) portraits the kids have made at preschool for Mother’s Day.

© Sarah Epstein - Non-dominant hand

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Week 12: Non-dominant hand.
I am so completely NOT ambidextrous, so this theme definitely lived up to the ‘challenge’! I drew this with my left hand, then used my left-hand to digitally colour it in Photoshop (perhaps even more challenging than the actual drawing part). It took a lot longer than usual, my hand and arm were tense and sore throughout, and I really had to concentrate. Clearly, I am lost without my right hand! I hope nothing ever happens to it.