Pom pom garlands

Sarah Epstein pom pom garland 4

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Well, here we are another year over and a new one just begun! I’ve been taking down my Christmas decorations today and thought I’d share a quick blog post about the newest members of my decorating arsenal – the pom pom garlands.

If you’ve seen a couple of my random (and way too scarce) posts on Instagram, you’ll know I was making pom pom garlands before Christmas to coordinate with my new canvas prints by Kirsten Jackson.  I used this super-easy tutorial by Tara Dennis which is under the KIDS section of her website. So, yeah, um…very easy. 😉

First a trip to Spotlight was in order to grab some yarn. I just picked colours from their budget 8-ply acrylic range and it worked perfectly. No need to go for anything fancy-shmancy unless you are after particular colours not offered in the budget ranges.

Sarah Epstein pom pom garland yarn

The pom poms end up looking a bit wonky and misshapen when you first cut the loops (see link above for the tutorial I used) , so you just need to give them a little haircut. You can see the difference between the ‘hairy’ ones (in the foreground) and the trimmed ones (top left hand side) in the picture below.

Sarah Epstein pom pom garland WIP

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The garlands really gave my dining and living room a festive lift! I’m not quite ready to take them down yet since they took so long to make and I want to enjoy them for a bit longer, so I might keep the festive feeling going for a couple more weeks yet. Maybe they should become a permanent feature! 😉

Sarah Epstein pom pom garland 1

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Sarah Epstein pom pom garland 2

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Sarah Epstein pom pom garland 3

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All in all, very easy and lots of fun to make if you have the time. The kids can get involved too!

2 thoughts on “Pom pom garlands

  1. michelle says:

    How beautiful is your home! I love the simplicity underneath all the pops of whimsy and colour. I’d be leaving those pompoms up for a good while yet. I can’t bring myself to put away the huge star lantern lamp yet, although tempted to spray paint it a different colour! I’d love to do garlands like that for the playroom actually, excellent idea.

    • sarahepsteincreative says:

      Thanks so much, Michelle! Our house is an ongoing work-in-progress. I’m just about to change that lounge room with a new sofa and rug – it never ends! 😉 haha. I’ve got felt ball garlands hanging around too – they’re even easier to make. Garlands really do lift the room and give it a happy feeling. I think I might drape my pom pom ones across the wall above the artwork in the dining room as a more permanent feature.

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