Kmart Hack: Chrysler Building Canvas

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack intro 840As most of you will be aware, Kmart has some awesome home decor items this year that are very on-trend and affordable. As I’ve been making over both of my boys’ bedrooms, I keep poking my head into my two local Kmart stores and online to see what they have. On one such recon mission, my eight-year-old, Harvey, was with me. He spotted and fell in love with Kmart’s black-white-and-yellow Chrysler Building canvas print (we’d just returned from a family holiday in New York so it jumped right out at him). At only $9.00 for the large print, I didn’t hesitate to throw it into my shopping trolley.

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 1 840

But as I continued on Harvey’s bedroom makeover, I realised the yellow was all wrong. It was going to clash badly with everything else I’d bought for the room thus far. There was no question the print had to be included and given pride of place, so a bit of Kmart hacking was called for.

First I primed the yellow part of the canvas using White Knight grip-lock primer. The reason I had to prime it first is because the print is actually a synthetic material with a glossy sheen.

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 2 840

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 3 840

Once primed, I had a nice matte surface to paint on using artists’ acrylic paints. I chose a palette more in keeping with what I’m doing in the rest of the bedroom.

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 4 840

Once the painting was complete, I finished the top half only with a Jo Sonja’s clear gloss varnish just so the painted section was as glossy as the printed black and white buildings, and also to protect the paintwork and make it easy to clean.

And here’s the finished product. It really does add some pop to the room!

Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 5 840


Sarah Epstein Creative - Chrysler hack 6 840

8 thoughts on “Kmart Hack: Chrysler Building Canvas

  1. melliemoo10 says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I found your kmart hack on instagram which led me to your blog. Absolutely LOVING this so much. I’ve bought 2 of the same print (was lucky enough to pick them up for a total of $7 from my local Kmart) intending to put them in our guest rooms for a bit of pop.

    The colours you’ve used are great! I might try this with pinks/purples for one and blues/greens for the other.

    X Mel

    • sarahepsteincreative says:

      Hi Mel,
      That sounds great. On my last trip to Kmart I saw they’d been reduced in price. Such a bargain and it doesn’t take much to transform them into something that suits your decor. Good luck!

  2. Cathy Hurley says:

    I just love this print. Would you consider selling it by any chance? It would go fantastic in my living room and I have been unable to locate this picture in NZ to be able to hack it myself. I would pay all costs!!

    • sarahepsteincreative says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Wow, thanks so much! It’s such a compliment that you’d love to have it in your own home. But my son adores this hacked artwork and it’s the focal point of his room, so I definitely don’t want to part with it. Hope you manage to get your hands on one, although I haven’t seen them in my local Aussie Kmarts recently, so they might be all gone!
      Best of luck,

  3. Karen says:

    Great hack! Woul you think this process would work for any art canvas purchased at kmart? I bought a ‘Say yes to new adventures’ canvas for $2! From kmart. I dont like the black and white theme and bought it hoping I might be able to improve it somehow…

    • sarahepsteincreative says:

      Hi Karen,
      So sorry for the slow response. I would think this could work for any of the canvases if they have a similar finish to the one I bought (which was slightly glossy, so it really needed the grip-lock primer first before painting). If your canvas has a matte finish, even better! You could always test a small area first with the primer. Once it goes on, it gives you a nice flat matte surface to paint on. Good luck! Hope it works for you. 🙂

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