An update on Oinky Potter

SE Creative Oinky Potter 1You may have read this post about my son Harvey’s illustration for the 52-week Illustration Challenge 2014 theme of ‘Book Cover’ (for week 16). It had quite a little adventure, did his lovely Oinky Potter.

After being selected as one of the challenge’s picks of the week, by challenge founder Tania McCartney, it went on to make the shortlist for the 52-week Illustration Challenge exhibition in Perth (held in March this year). You can see all the shortlistees for the month of April 2014 here.

We then received word Oinky Potter had made it into the exhibition in Perth, which was such an honour and beyond exciting. Harvey was over the moon and was so proud to post off a fine art print of his artwork to the exhibition’s curator. Sadly for us the exhibition was on during March which is when we happened to be on our overseas holiday, so we weren’t able to attend opening night (we would have happily flown to Perth for it, but sadly it wasn’t to be).

Luckily for us, challenge member Nicky Johnston and founder Tania McCartney took some photos on opening night so we were able to see how they’d framed and presented Oinky Potter, along with all the other finalists’ gorgeous work. If you check out this blog post, you can see all the exhibition artworks hung beautifully and ready for opening night.

So here are a couple of photos of Oinky Potter’s brief time in the limelight. He’s now been returned to us, reframed, and is ready to live out the rest of his days on the wall of Harvey’s newly-made-over bedroom (photos of that to come!).

SECreative - Oinky Potter Arts Brookfield 2

SECreative - Oinky Potter Arts Brookfield 3

SECreative - Oinky Potter Arts Brookfield 4

SECreative - Oinky Potter Arts Brookfield 5

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