I’m a juggler…and I’m totally okay with that

Sarah-Epstein-Creative-felt-ball-garlandYou know, I was chatting to someone recently and explaining everything I’m working on, and the constant juggle my life is keeping all the balls in the air. She responded with, “Whoa. You have a lot going on there. Maybe you should narrow things down and eliminate some stuff. What are you most passionate about?”

Now, see, this is a difficult question for me, because I’ve always done a lot of creative things concurrently. I often feel stretched and overwhelmed, but it’s never an option to just not do one of the things I’ve chosen to devote time to. If I’ve thrown myself into something it’s not to prove anything to anyone else, it’s because I have a genuine interest in it or I’m challenging myself. Sometimes it’s curiosity that drives me, or the satisfaction of using skills I already know I have. Sometimes I’ll have a crack at something just to see if I can do it, because I’ve always wanted to and life’s too short. Not everything is a die-hard passion. Sure, there are certain things I feel more passionate about than others, but I don’t feel like I should drop everything else to channel my energies into that one specific area. It would be a waste of potential.

There’s a lot of talk these days about becoming an “expert” in what you do, some singular passion you need to identify and then throw yourself into whole-heartedly. I’ve never been able to relate to this way of thinking because there are too many things to try, too many pots for me to dunk my fingers into. I’ve always maintained I’m a jack of all trades, but I’ve never once seen this as a negative thing. I can’t think of anything more boring for my creative brain than being locked into one creative career choice for the rest of my life and forgoing all others.

I’ll keep juggling, and I’m totally okay with that. I might not be an expert in any one area, but I’m totally okay with that too. There’s more gratification for me in being rather good at a whole range of things rather than mind-blowingly excellent at just one. So, in answer to the question, “What are you most passionate about?”, I’d have to say it’s embracing my creativity no matter how many ways I choose to express it. If passion is all about listening to your gut and knowing what it is you’re meant to be doing with your time and energy, then hey, I’m already doing it.

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